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Boston marathon. These words used to bring images of health, vitality, excitement, achievement. Once again, we are now met with words and images of the carnage and destruction that has rocked our world. I can’t believe that, once again, we are struggling to understand this senseless act of violence. Once again, all that we are left with are questions. Who (has done this)? Why? How (can this happen)? Once again, we feel scared, on guard, unsafe. And yet, with each act of violence, we become less and less shocked that this can be happening, once again.

I read an article, written by a writer who was amongst those who were close to the explosion but not so close the they were (physically) affected. She very skillfully detailed the situation from the perspective of one who has a unique view. She outlined her path, from the explosion to safety. I was not surprised by the fact that, in the midst of the suffering, there were many, many people who stepped up to care for and support the injured and the distraught. From the first-responders to the doctors that triaged and mended, as best they could, those physically mangled bodies, humanity prevailed.

And those that were able were redirected across a bridge where she described people helping people… a man overcome by emotion was comforted by the surrounding crowd. Cell phones and coats being passed around with no hesitance. Once again, the power of connection begins to create a path to healing, even in all of the pain. The human spirit will return to find hope and healing.

Once again, WE WILL MOVE ON.