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This morning, as I was driving to work, I caught myself glancing in the rearview mirror to assess what was going on behind me. I noticed that, at some points, I focused on the traffic in front of me. Other times, I’d put more attention on what was going on behind me.  I started wondering if this is the way I’m living my life.  Is my focus on the past or is it on the future.  Looking in the rearview mirror represented my tendency to look behind – a healthy way to identify the growth that I’ve achieved in the past.  Too much focus though becomes dangerous and unhealthy.  When I’m looking ahead, I’m planning for the action in front of me.  I can stomp on the brake to prevent a tragedy or accelerate to continue, right or wrong, on the path before me.  I made a resolution right then and there … my New Years resolution for this year is to watch the road ahead of me. What about you?  What is your resolution for 2013?