"Lisa has a gentle presence and a compassionate heart which she brings to her work with clients. I have worked at the same agency with Lisa for ten years and witnessed her wise and compassionate counsel as well as her caring nature and grasp of psychological issues and the healing process. I have also referred couples and individuals to work with her who have been very pleased with the results of their work together."

Susan Anderson, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

"I have known Lisa for over ten years. During that time we have collaborated in the treatment of many clients and we co-led a DBT group together. Lisa has a kind manner with patients as she offers insights and teaches skills that allow for change. I frequently recommend Lisa to clients because I am impressed with her effectiveness, compassion and commitment to quality care."

Linda Willits, RXN, CNS
Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist

"Lisa made a huge difference in my career as a counselor. She was my supervisor during internship and after towards licensure. She provided insightful teaching, consulting, and counseling in regards to my work with clients and growing in my theoretical orientation. I could always count on Lisa to be there for me and she still is as a colleague and friend. I would recommend Lisa without hesitation as a supervisor and therapist."

Kirk S. Johnson, M.A, LPC, LAC
Former Intern