Human beings are so simple, yet so complicated. Biologically we are basically the same. Our hearts beat 100,000 times a day, we take between 21,600 and 24,000 breaths each day. Our brain miraculously monitors and manages all of our bodily functions. Nutrition creates energy, exercise keeps us strong and sleep - among other things - allows us to process and store our thoughts, emotions and memories.

Despite these similarities, we are also very different. Every personality has its own strengths and its own quirks. It's what makes us unique; it's what makes life interesting.

Past experience, both personal and professional, have taught me that no matter what issue you're dealing with, focus on wellness is vital to growth and healing. As you embark on a journey of self-discovery we'll work together to identify your particular strengths and use those to promote change.

Coaching is very different from counseling. Our focus will be to establish life goals to work toward and determine the steps that will allow you to get there. A typical coaching experience will be a 2 hour intake and 1 hour follow up ($300). Additional follows up sessions will be available ($110 each session).